Placement First


Placement First is a structured program in which you will spend a year working for a consulting firm part-time or full time. This usually takes place when you are in the final year at university or college, after which you will return for your consulting firm. For that year, you will be a part-time/full-time member of staff, receiving a stipend and other benefits.

While the chance of a salary may be the best since we visit universities and colleges, there are other benefits of placement first program.

  • When you sign up for placement first, we will provide you with practical work experience in the industry and relevant technology skills training and domain knowledge.
  • You will have the chance to work with and learn from experienced professionals.
  • Placements in the industry are an opportunity to build up a network with professionals and experts in the IT Industry
  • A year working on minor and major projects will simply make you more employable and will project you above rival candidates when applying for jobs once you complete your studies at university or college.


For the full low-down on how placement first is structured, Visit our office and speak to Placement First Officer .

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