Think of the Constitution as Code

The framework of the constitution, tells us who, what, how, why. “We the people of India” speaks of our redemption of a pledge, of our tryst with destiny – you all know those words – and it speaks of our resolve to secure to all citizens justice of every stripe and then – now mind this – in the Preamble, liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship. Notice the sequencing. Many of you here write code. You put code in a particular sequence for a particular reason.

Think of the Constitution as Code. That sequencing has a purpose, it has a reason. It is our task to discover what that purpose and what that reason is. First, justice of every kind, and then liberty, and within liberty, thought and expression come right at the very top. Having made all these resolutions and with this intent, we adopt, enact – and again this is key – give to ourselves our constitution. We secured it for ourselves. This is central to an understanding of fundamental rights. They are not gifts, they are ours, and we have secured them to ourselves.

“The Technology & Global Internet changed our common man. It did something that hasn’t been done in the history of mankind. It gave him the tools to become a single central powerhouse of ideas, thoughts, expressions, and opinions. It gave him immediacy, it afforded him instant publicity. It made him an expert on anything he fancied and it gave him the option of anonymity to be whoever or whatever he wanted, to transmogrify, to change gender, age, preference, to be anybody or to be nobody.”

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