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RPA is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of metaphorical software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. RPA tools have strong technical similarities to graphical user interface testing tools.
These tools also automate interactions with the GUI and often do so by repeating a set of demonstration actions performed by a user. RPA tools differ from such systems including features that allow data to be handled in and between multiple applications, for instance, receiving an email containing an invoice, extracting the data, and then typing that into a bookkeeping system.
UiPath and Blue prism are the leading RPA tools in the present market.
Training of these tools makes an aspirant work very quickly with an easy process by using diagrams and flowcharts in the Ui Path studio/Blue prism Studios. It is really easy to manage automated business processes and processes the virtual workforce with the help of these tools. This will help you by increasing the benefits of Robotic process automation.
Blue Prism has a client-based server, accessible only through their app.
Ui Path Orchestrator – is web-based, accessible through the browser.

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A. Praveen Kumar
Mr. A. Praveen Kumar completed masters in engineering and has 2 + years of experience as a trainer in RPA tools like UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere. He also conducted many workshops in various organizations. He has 8 years of teaching experience.
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