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Ethical Hacking is an act of penetrating a system or network to find out threats and vulnerabilities in those systems, which provides an opportunity for a malicious attacker to find and exploit which causes loss of data, financial loss or other major damages. Organizations today recognize the strong need for information security, to find and fix network and computer security vulnerabilities.

The purpose of an ethical hacker is to fix these vulnerabilities found during testing and improve the security of the system or network. Ethical hackers may use the same tools and methods used by the hackers but with the permission of the authorized person to improve the security and defending the system. 

Our online training on Ethical hacking acts as a foundation stone in your career to be a penetration tester. Embedded with all the most advanced tools and real-time hacking techniques, our online course gives you a realistic approach and simulated environment to test the attacks and assess the vulnerabilities.

Various security tools and hands-on experience ensure that Every Employ shell prepared to deal with the ever-increasing range of threats to the digital environment. This VAPT training with real-time situations to have a better understanding will help you reach your ultimate goal to become the most demanded IT Professional.

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In his own words. I am a Cyber Security Expert & Technical Public Speaker. I am a B.Tech graduate from IIIT (RGUKT). I have attended and certified in the Cyber Security Courses like CEH, ECSA, LPT, CHFI, ECIH, OSCP and etc. I trained Cyber Crime Police in Hyderabad. I trained 2000+ students. I delivered lectures in many colleges. It includes IIT-HYD, IIIT, SNIT and many more reputed engineering colleges. I found a lot of vulnerabilities in reputed companies' and organization’s websites. I worked for many clients as an IT Security Consultant and Advisor. I have real-time experience in Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing and Cyber Crime Investigation and etc.
₹30,000.00 ₹25,000.00
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