Besides emergency – Janata Curfew – Applying Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing outtakes are usually impressions, Likes, Shares, Comments/replies etc. And marketers seek inspiration from trending topics and other interesting happenings around them to bake them into their own campaigns and ride on them.

A digital marketer’s primary concern and reason for existence is output and outtakes, and not necessarily outcome.

Output is what he or she produces and floats online. This is entirely within their control as long as they are on top of the budgets and teams.

Outtakes are what the audiences do with the output. This is immediate and almost visceral. This is what most digital marketers are usually obsessed with.

Outcome, or the value or impact the output has created, takes time.

Besides having no comments on actual efforts around testing, hospitals, quarantine etc. the two specific call-to-action points from Modi is a masterstroke in headline management and PR.

Janata Curfew – It’s new, turns heads, has a hook that makes people think (“Curfew is imposed, this is self-imposed? Wow, that is new!”) and is fairly easy to adhere to because it is just for one day which is equivalent of ‘Drop in to our store on (a particular date and time) to get the best deals…’
What if he had asked us to practice social distancing for say 1-2 weeks? Then that becomes cumbersome for many people and they venture out… leading to poor headlines that contradict the Prime Minister’s ask. That would be the equivalent of ‘Drop in to our store anytime all of next week to avail this offer’.

To appreciate the services of essential service staff (which is an extremely thoughtful idea) -Modi asked for a 5-minute gratitude-showing session on the same day as Janata Curfew – March 22nd if not mentioned.. Instead of leaving the mode-of-thanking to our imagination and 130 crore different ways to show it, and that wouldn’t converge into a single narrative that can demonstrate specific outtakes he asked to ‘Hit Like if you…’ was, “Stand near your balcony and clap or bang on a plate”.

Let’s wait and see.

source: Scroll – Karthik

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